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2012 Super Bowl Parade Routes Already Announced For Detroit, Buffalo, Washington DC

This is what a Buffalo Bills Trophy Wife looks like, fellas!

Do you think the mayors of Detroit, Buffalo, and Washington DC have already declared that schools will be closed on September 19th to allow school kids the opportunity to witness this win for the ages?

Do you think Sports Illustrated is already selling the commemorative DVDs which chronicle the epic 2-0 seasons of the 2011 Lions, Bills, and Redskins?

Do you think I plan to ride in any of those parades?

Nope, don’t think so!

I’ll wait for ESPN’s six-hour “NFL Live” pregame show next Sunday morning to generate all the historical statistics which show that only 16% of all teams that start 2-0–and that start a quarterback who would probably back-up Peyton Manning’s back-up in Indy—make the Super Bowl that same year.
Three unexpected teams are 2-0. Would you favor any of those teams against the New England Patriots or Green Bay Packers on a neutral field?

It’s week #2 in our fantasy football league. Even before my QB Philip Rivers threw a lame interception in the Chargers-Patriots afternoon game, I knew my opponent TEUFLE HUNDEN would crush me in our head-to-head match-up.

And for a while during the evening Eagles-Falcons primetime game, I wondered if my entire fantasy league season was over.

You know the old saying, “You better mind your P’s and Q’s. For me, the P’s (probable) and Q’s (questionables) injuries were littering my roster like yellow penalty flags after Dunta Robinson’s illegal spearing hit on Jeremy Maclin. Lee Evans (P), Steven Jackson (Q), Jermichael Finley (P), Arian Foster (Q), and the briefly-owned Daniel Thomas (Q).

To say that TEUFLE HUNDEN hammered my FLAMING BAG OF POO would be a disservice to nails everywhere.

I wondered, with the roster that I have left, can I even piece together a competitive team for week #3?

And then I realized, “At least I’m not 0-2”.

I’m 1-1!!!

I am the Ravens.

I am the Steelers.

I am the Saints,

I am the Eagles.

I am the Falcons.

I am STILL a playoff-caliber team!!!

Steven Jackson and Arian Foster may never live up to my draft day expectations. But at least I didn’t lose my first-round stud running back to a torn ACL (Bardsdale Brawlers).

Too bad that I can’t play Bardsdale Brawlers every week going forward.

When you see injuries this early to fantasy league fixtures like Marques Colston, Nate Kaeding, Tony Romo, Michael Vick, Sidney Rice, Calvin Johnson, Santonio Holmes, Malcom Floyd, Mike Tolbert, and Miles Austin, that’s when you get to really love the unpredictability of fantasy football.

Today’s 2-0 could be 2-12 with a freak injury to one of your top 2-3 players.

I wonder if the strike-shortened off-season workouts have left players more susceptible to freak injuries. In many ways, after two regular season games, teams are playing like this is the preseason. After all, the Lions were undefeated 4-0 in the preseason both this year and last year.

Considering that I’ve played two weeks without two of my top three picks, and I’m still 1-1, is OK. Sure, I’m not 2-0 right now. Sure, I scored almost the same amount points (shut out) as Pete Carroll’s Seahawks did against the Steelers.

But if you want to start planning that parade route through downtown Buffalo in February 2012, don’t waste your money to invest in new snow plows.

(Sept. 19, 2011)


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One response to “2012 Super Bowl Parade Routes Already Announced For Detroit, Buffalo, Washington DC

  1. Gil ⋅

    I’ve already put an order in for my Redskins Super Bowl Champions T-Shirt! If Dan Snyder is going to go out on a limb and declare this is the year, then in Dan I trust!

    Tim Hightower is taking the team all the way, baby!

    Well, maybe not all the way. ‘Cause he already got tired of 6 quarters of football this season.

    And if they don’t win, then my shirt will make me look like some homeless guy in El Salvador.

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