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Can Kim Kardashian ever really suffer from Buyer’s Remorse if she gets everything she wants for free?

Hey, Kris Humphries, I guess Kim Kardashian thought it was time for YOU to take one up the butt for a change!

The jeans are heavy because the pockets are loaded with cash.

Taking into account the $17 million that Kim Kardashian made from her 72-day marriage to NBA player (does being a member of the New Jersey Nets really count?), that means she made $9,838 per hour from your 72-day honeymoon.

The groom obviously didn’t read the fine print on the marriage certificate drawn up by E! Television.

Actual excerpt from Kardashian-Humphries marriage certficate drafted by E! Television

For all you, Middle East princes and sheiks out there, $9,838 per hour is what on the street is referred to as the “going-rate”.

Poison Ivy (Halloween 2011): the green stuff is actually crushed Benjamin Franklins

Although here in Hollywood, $9,838 per hour is better referred to as Kim Kardashian’s “quote”. Let’s keep it dignified, folks!!!

Nobody can ever accuse Kim Kardashian for being dumb! Heck, have you seen how small your welfare checks are these days? If Kim is better at flipping husbands instead of flipping burgers, then I guess…more power to her.

And don’t feel sorry for clueless Kris Humphries. Besides, while the NBA lockout continues, he’s at least found his meal ticket onto the “The Surreal Life”.

Kris Humphries can win the superlative "Most Likely To Be Tall"

Because really–outside of the Izod Center in East Rutherford, NJ–nobody would ever have known the name Kris Humphries.

Now Kris gets front-of-the-line treatment at any Vegas club just by introducing himself as Mr. “I was a Kardashian for 72 days and 71 nights”.

This is our song…


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