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New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning (the Much Funnier Manning Brother) To Host Season Finale of Saturday Night Live

The Manning brothers, Peyton and Eli, are equal…but only equal in the eyes of their legendary quarterback-father, Archie.

Following yesterday’s Giants NFL Championship victory over the 49’ers, the Manning brothers are hardly equal.

Because Eli, in fact, is better than his older brother!

How can you vote Peyton into the Hall of Fame when he might not even be the most clutch, big-game quarterback in his bunk beds? Is it possible to have two Hall of Fame quarterbacks from the same sperm-maker? Doesn’t Canton have a limitation on the number of Mannings in the Hall?

With all of his pre-snap arm gestures and phony audibles, Peyton gives that he’s smarter than most quarterbacks because he seems to coach himself in the absence of…well, coaches.

Eli has some, but not as many, pre-snap arm gestures and phony audibles. What you can’t fake is true grit. Eli has Giant-size true grit.

In each brother’s most recent full season, Peyton’s quarterback rating was 91.9. Eli’s rating? 92.9!

Yes, Peyton has a much better touchdowns-to-interceptions ratio. But who cares about that—other than us fantasy football junkees!

If you talk to the players, the only statistic that counts is the number of Super Bowls.

One for the money...two for the show...

Not counting the 2011-2012 season, Peyton has made two Super Bowl appearances in thirteen seasons, and producing one Super Bowl win.

Counting the 2011-2012 season, Eli will have now made two Super Bowl appearances in eight seasons, and producing one…and possibly two…Super Bowl wins.

Ask yourself: who plays with inferior offensive talent? Who plays in a tougher division? Who plays in front of more critical home fans? Who has to deal with the biggest media market every day? Who plays in more unforgiving home weather conditions?

The answer is forever Eli.

About the only draw that I could find in the Eli-Peyton comparison is the category of smart, beautiful wives. Eli’s Abby vs. Peyton’s Ashley.

If there was a fantasy draft for quarterback wives, which Mrs. Manning do you select first?

Other than Super Bowl wins, there’s really only one last measure of success to settle once and for all who is the better Manning brother.

Saturday Night Live hosting gigs!!!

Mind you, Peyton Manning has (by far) the best comedic timing and self-depricating sense of humor…

Peyton Manning's SNL United Way skit

…among the athletes to ever host SNL. Deion Sanders? Michael Phelps? Derek Jeter? Wayne Gretzky? O.J. Simpson?

For a list of more SNL athlete-hosts, check out:

All America needs now is for SNL to crown Eli Manning as the host for the 2012 season finale. Imagine it: Who do you think will play Eli Manning in the inevitable Eli-Peyton sketch? The popular choice might be Andy Samberg (since Andy has easy Eli laid-back style).

Andy Samberg as Eli Manning?

But my choice would be Bill Hader!

...or Bill Hader as Eli Manning?

I’d like to see an Eli Manning portrayed with those harmlessly mad bug-out eyes made famous by Bill Hader.

In case Eli Manning needs any more incentive to win Super Bowl XLVI, he will now get to proudly boast to his grandchildren that Bill Hader impersonated him on the fourth-ranked network’s best late-night weekend comedy show.

C’mon, people, stop referring to Eli as Peyton’s little brother! With his second Super Bowl appearance—and possibly his second Super Bowl win—Eli could cement himself as Peyton’s more successful brother.

I’m cheering for you, Eli.
Tom Brady kinda sucked when he hosted SNL.



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