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All Blake Griffin does is make highlight monster dunks. And that really sucks!

Sorry, folks, but the more you go Lady Gaga every time Blake Griffin dunks, the more you are hurting his game.

Please, stop immortalizing him on YouTube and Sportscenter!

Big deal…Blake hangs in the air like some Cirque du Soleil performer to dunk over Kendrick Perkins. Blake doesn’t even do it cleanly; if you look closely, he nips part of the front rim before throwing it down. You can’t even say “Nothing but net” on that dunk.

Wake me when Blake Griffin hits a clutch mid-range buzz beater over two defenders. Wake me when Blake Griffin develops reliable post moves like The Mailman. Wake me when Blake Griffin becomes a rebounding machine like Dennis Rodman (or even Kevin Love, for that matter.)

Heck, on the current Clipper team, he’s probably your third or fourth option (behind Chris Paul, Chauncey Billups, and maybe even Caron Butler) in crunch time.

It made my stomach turn when ESPN posted the message “Blake Griffin’s dunk–greatest dunk ever?”

Or when LeBron tweets about it.

Mind you, I live in SoCal, and I loved the Clippers more than the Lakers even last season. But even Adam Morrison has won more career games (and championships) than Blake Griffin.

How is that for a reality check?!?!

Even Blake Griffin is smart enough to admit: which would he rather have, ESPN’s “greatest dunk ever” accolade with his 2011 Dunk Contest title?

Or Kendrick Perkins’ 2008 Championship ring with the Celtics?

Go home tonight and polish your championship ring, Kendrick. At least until the end of this season, you got that over Blake Griffin. Even though he got that last dunk over you.


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2 responses to “All Blake Griffin does is make highlight monster dunks. And that really sucks!

  1. Flaming Poos daddy ⋅

    you are a fucking idiot. malone doesnt have a ring. Blake griffin is in his second year and you are talking down on him cuz he doesnt have a championship yet? so does that mean hes not talented? not to remind you he got drafted by franchise that had no appeal till he joined. Not only has his presence alone brought clippers attention but also just brought in another star Chris Paul. No one said he was the greatest but he is one of the most explosive players in todays game. never seen someone hate on a player more than you. And trust me Blake griffin will make more money in his first 3 years then perkins will make his entire nba career. Perkins was lucky to play on a squad full of stars that why he has a ring. look at his stats,, there’s a reason celtics traded him…u dumb fuck.

  2. SmoothKah ⋅

    Blake is better than Adam Morrison and Perk combined! So rings dont alwys tell the full story! I hate wen ppl say a player aint good because he has no rings😂 barkley, Malone, Stockton, all great players… Top 50… #NoRings! So what! A championship Team is that! A championship TEAM! Every player on the team gets a ring even injured players n bench warmers! So stop with that silly talk!

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