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Professional Athlete is an oxymoron. While Lamar Odom is just a plain moron!

Someone please tell me what ever happened to the “professionalism” in pro sports.

For all the greatness and all the glory, sports don’t really set a very high bar when it comes to the standard of life. If you are part of a dying breed—those of us who still get the home delivery of a newspaper, instead of reading off our phones and iPads—then you recognize that there’s more crime, violence, and scandal in the Sports section than on the front page.

Liars, cheaters, quitters, brats, and professional athletes.

Sports behavior has gotten so bad that the media and our society practically revere our professional athletes for conduct un-becoming.

So many examples, such as…

Tiger Woods tossing his golf club after an errant drive.


John McEnroe arguing with the chair umpire after a questionable line call.


George Brett charging the home plate umpire after disallowing a home run struck with an illegal pine tar bat.



The infamous Pacers-Pistons brawl that spilled into the stands at Auburn Hills Palace.

Thanks to social media, we replay these low-lights like high-lights.

We’re now accustomed to forgiving bad behavior. But what about “bad effort”? Or “no effort” at all.

Case in point: ex-Maverick Lamar Odom.

That’s “LAME-mar” Odom from this day forward!!!

It would be a stretch of his 7”4 wingspan to say that LAME-mar Odom quit on the defending champion Dallas Mavericks who sit in the #7 Western Conference playoff spot heading into the final stretch. You’d actually need to show up in order to quit!

Stand by your man? Even when you out-work him?


Dear Khloe Kardashian-Odom, congratulations, we never pegged you as being the more mature half of your marriage!!! Nobody would ever accuse you and your family of never putting forth the effort. Now, you need to teach your husband how to behave like a Kardashian. Because a Kardashian would never give anything but maximum effort the second that the cameras start rolling.

Before he eventually got traded to Dallas for a hefty bag full of Maverick 2011 Championship T-shirts, I remember listening to LAME-mar Odom on the radio in L.A. complaining about the Odom-and-Gasol-for-Paul trade that got nixed by the league. Most stars and celebrities make fools of themselves on TV or the internet. Lamar went radio.

These two thoughts came to mind as I listened to Lamar phone into the radio station. 1) I have never heard a grown man snivel like a four-year old who refuses to take an afternoon nap. 2) I wondered when LAME-mar Odom switched to crystal meth, because I must have missed that news break on E! News. He made no sense at all. He was so incoherent, he sounded worse than Patrick Ewing before he ever graduated from Georgetown and ultimately became an eloquent enough speaker representing the players union.

LAME-mar’s radio interview alone forced the Lakers’ hand—they had to trade this emotional basket case. I’m not even a Mavericks fan, and even I feel sorry that they got the bum end of that trade.

LAME-mar, you should have kept your mouth shut—and just let your play do your talking!

Trades happen, man. Trades have always been part of professional sports. Deal with it. That’s why they pay you millions of dollars—for the moving vans and moving crew. The rest of us have to rent our own U-Haul trailer, lure some friends over with the promise of beer, and spend an hour trying to pry loose the fridge that got stuck in the stairwell when we move.

You gave no effort, LAME-mar. To any sports fan, that’s a crime. Some of us would offer to play on the Mavericks for free!

Poor LAME-mar Odom was moody in Dallas while making all those millions. Now you’re out of a job, LAME-mar. Let’s see how moody you get standing in the unemployment line like millions of other Americans.

At least one young man moved a step closer toward getting a job…

Today was the official signing day for NCAA basketball prospects. Flaming Bag of Poo is doing a victory dance now that ESPN No. 2 recruit SF Shabazz Muhammad chose his beloved UCLA Bruins over the Kentucky Wildcats. Yeah, Shabazz will be another one-and-done player. But he made the difficult choice…albeit the right choice…to pick character over popularity.

Both UCLA and Kentucky have championship traditions. Sure, Pauley Pavilion has always looked like a morgue compared to playing at Rupp Arena. But, Shabazz, here’s the big difference between UCLA and Kentucky: CHARACTER.

Under Coach Howland, UCLA has sent players like Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook, Darren Collison, Aaron Afflalo, Luc Mbah a Moute, Jrue Holiday, Trevor Ariza, Matt Barnes and Jordan Farmar. Guys who give maximum effort. Yes, maybe you have more talent than any of them. But at UCLA, you’ll learn how to put forth your effort in more areas than simply basketball.

Lately, under Coach Calipari, Kentucky has sent players like John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins to the NBA. How’s that working out for you, Washington and Sacramento?

And that’s why Lamar Odom should have gone to UCLA. Apparently, all those times driving past Bel Air and Beverly Hills, Lamar didn’t even bother to get close enough to UCLA for effort to rub off on him.


Finally, speaking of the ultimate professional, ESPN reporter-extraordinare, Jenn Brown, got hitched last week. She may not get Erin Andrews’ pop culture popularity, but Jenn Brown has always been a true professional to watch. In spite of her sexy tomboy looks, Jenn Brown brings it…with every sports feature.

Jenn Brown: staying pro.

Khloe Kardashian Odom should aspire to be like Jenn Brown.



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