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The Parallels Between Egomaniacs Like Lance Armstrong and Bernie Madoff

Parallels between Lance Armstrong and Bernie Madoff

Livestrong, Lance. But interview weak.

You actually accomplished the impossible. (No, we’re not talking about winning those 7 Tour de France titles after your cancer.) In Lance Armstrong’s attempts to maintain a posture of innocence over his success, he actually made Bernie Madoff’s elaborate deception look good & simple by comparison.

At least Bernie Madoff didn’t bully anyone claiming to have been innocent after the evidence pointed otherwise.

At least Bernie Madoff didn’t rely on manipulative PR tactics in hopes of gaining public sympathy.

At least Bernie Madoff went to jail for his crimes.

Both former icons never thought they would get caught while they ruined other people’s lives.

During his Oprah Winfrey interview, Lance claimed to have looked up the word “CHEATING”, and never felt that he was living up to the definition of the word. “…to gain an unfair advantage over a rival or foe that wouldn’t have otherwise been available to everyone else.”

Is this the dictionary that Lance Armstrong used to look up the word "CHEATING"?

Is this the dictionary that Lance Armstrong used to look up the word “CHEATING”?

Are you kidding me, Lance? What dictionary are you using? Are you dreaming???

The definition for CHEATING (according to never mentions anything about “gaining unfair advantages” or “rivals or foes”. Lance continues to fabricate the truth as he goes along.

Lance Armstrong is delusional. Arrogant. Maniacal. Unrepentant. Despicable.

Despicable Lance Armstrong and his minions...

Despicable Lance Armstrong and his minions…

And so, Flaming Bag of Poo is flabbergasted by anyone who would defend Lance Armstrong the person because he did charity work and helped to bring attention to Livestrong.

Give Flaming Bag of Poo a runaway ego and millions of sponsorship dollars (PLEASE!!!), and surely Poo would find the time for charity work.

In fact, Lance needed the public attention of Livestrong in order to further stroke his ego. Lance needed Livestrong—more than Livestrong needed Lance.

Why did Livestrong even permit Lance to wear their bracelet during the Oprah interview?

Should Livestrong give back some of the millions that Lance helped to raise because of his deceptions? Sorry, but yes!!!

Bernie Madoff also gave millions to charities through his Madoff Charitable Foundation. But it wasn’t his own money to donate.

According to the NY TIMES, the Madoff Charitable Foundation benefited other charitable organizations like the Picower Foundation (who in turn made contributions to the Boys and Girls Club of America, as well as Children’s Aid Society.)

Sorry, kids, it wasn’t your fault.

falling off bike

But that’s tainted money. Bernie’s tainted money!

Lance’s tainted money came from his supposedly untainted blood samples!

How ironic.

At least Bernie Madoff is now serving 150 years for the biggest Ponzi scheme ever. Meanwhile, Lance Armstrong rides free, and gets to chat with Oprah Winfrey.

The manipulation never stops.

Just like with Bernie Madoff, Lance Armstrong’s followers fell victim to blind trust. Blind faith feeds monsters like this.

So you deserve as much blame as Lance. Because you trusted Lance–all the way up until you couldn’t.

Now, don’t you feel like a fool for thinking of Armstrong as a role model?

The face of delusion

The face of delusion



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