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Customer is always right. Unless the customer is a Yelp’er (named “Sonal B”)

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Help see Yelp justice served. 

Just go onto the Yelp page for Voltaire (Kansas City) and rate it FIVE STARS if you are in favor of silencing arrogant customers who think the world revolves around them.

Haven’t you heard about Voltaire’s story…and how they professionally responded to a Yelp’er who expected the restaurant to change its business operational practices just because the customer was a lawyer who threatened to post a negative review of Voltaire?


So, I added my own FIVE STAR review to Voltaire’s YELP page.  Afterall, senseless negative reviews are allowed to remain on Yelp permanently.  Then why can’t senseless positive reviews be allowed to help increase a business’ reputation, too?

The best publicity Voltaire ever received might be because of a negative opinion by a Yelp’er.  (not me)


*** 10/7/2014 NOTE:  After our movement began gaining a lot of interest and traction online, YELP removed my popular positive review in defense of Voltaire!!!  (Of course, that doesn’t stop you from posting your own reviews!  Just remember that you’ve actually been to Voltaire in your review.  Wink, wink.)

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=====Yelp’s response:=====


We’re contacting you about your review of Voltaire. Though we understand this business has recently received media attention and that users may have strong opinions, your reviews should be focused on your own everyday customer experience with a business. While you are welcome to post your comments on Yelp Talk, please note that at this time we will be removing any repostings from you to this business listing.

Please visit our Content Guidelines for more information ( We hope you’ll help us keep Yelp fun and useful for everyone!

Yelp Support
San Francisco, California




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